Great Kindness Challege January 22nd - January 26th

Great Kindness Challege January 22nd - January 26th
Posted on 01/19/2018
We challenge you to perform as many kind acts as you can in one week. Use the checklist below and check off your acts of kindness as you go. Have fun!
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Teacher: __________________________
Number of Acts Completed: __________
The Challenge for 2018 (January 22 – 26)
Put an “X” in the box when you complete the act of kindness!

SMILE at 25 people.

Play with a NEW friend at recess.

Slip a nice note in your friend’s backpack.

READ a book to a younger child.

Give 5 people a COMPLIMENT.

Give an APPLE or a note to your teacher.

Pick up 10 pieces of trash at school.

Step up for someone in need.

Say “HI” to someone you don’t know.


Tell a joke and make someone laugh.

Carry your friend’s books.

Be kind to yourself - eat a HEALTHY snack.

Offer to help your PE teacher.

Learn something new about your teacher.

Make a bookmark for a friend.

DRAW a picture and give it to someone.

Hold the DOOR open for someone.

Help a younger student.

Pat yourself on the back.

Give a KIND handshake to a classmate.

THANK a bus driver or car pool driver.

Recycle your trash.

Make THANK YOU band-aids for the nurse.

HELP another student who is struggling.

Listen to your teacher the FIRST time.

Pick up trash outside your school or house.

Whisper THANK YOU to the librarian.

Cut out 10 HEARTS - give them to friends.

Say PLEASE and THANK YOU all week.

Entertain someone with a happy dance.

Lend a pencil or school supply to a friend.

Make a KIND poster for cafeteria helpers.

Learn to say HELLO in a new language.

Get some form of EXERCISE.

Bring a flower to the office staff.

Say GOOD MORNING to 15 people.

Show APPRECIATION to your principal.

Design a THANK YOU for parent helpers.

Offer to help your teacher.

Make a WISH for kids in other countries.

Be on TIME for school.

Say THANK YOU to the door greeters.

Say THANK YOU to a volunteer.

INVITE a new friend to hang out with you.

Give your friend a HIGH FIVE.

CLEAN your desk without being asked.

Make a friendship gift for someone.

WRITE the custodian a note saying how great things look..